Serving You for More Than 20 Years

We are a full-service flagpole business with more than 20 years experience working with Residential & Commercial flagpoles.  With more than two decades of working on flagpoles, we have proudly earned the title of "The Professionals".  Call (608) 313-8801 or email with any questions or to schedule a service call.  Our service area includes all of Southern Wisconsin & Northern Illinois.


Free Quotes

Do you have questions about flagpoles?  Looking to add one to your home or business?  Call or visit our store for information and a free quote.  Our team can offer helpful tips, answer to your questions, and ask a few of our own to customize the perfect package to bring your ideas to life.


Flagpole Installation

Don't add another project to your "Honey-Do" List, leave the digging to us.  We will cleanly, safely and efficiently excavate your flagpole site, rig & raise your flagpole, and leave you with a beautiful flagpole and one less project on your list.  We also offer landscaping services if you do not want to tackle that after we leave.  


Flagpole Landscaping

Not only can we install your flagpole for you, we can also check off the next item on your list...landscaping around it.  With a bit of pre-planning, our experienced field technicians can bring the needed supplies and equipment to leave you with a completely finished flagpole project.  You will not have to lift a finger, or shovel.  Call or email for a free quote today!


Flagpole Re-string

Like all things, flagpole rope and cables wear out.  Call or email our store to schedule a visit from our field technicians to quickly replace worn lines before they break.  While we are there we can also replace worn accessories and raise a crisp new flag.


Flagpole Repair / Service

We are ready, willing & able to fix your flagpole.  We will arrive in our fully stocked truck with parts & accessories, to fix all of your flagpole's needs on the spot.  Some of the services we offer:

  • Truck or pulley replacement
  • Solar light installation or battery replacement
  • Install Cleat Box for security
  • Install added hardware to fly additional flags
  • Straighten a leaning pole
  • Remove and/or Relocate a flagpole


Flag Retirement

We will gladly accept your worn out flags for retirement.  We are honored to  team up with a gentleman who donates his time to not only collect worn flags, but also teaches local Boy Scouts how to properly retire flags each summer.  Drop off your flags any time during normal business hours.

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